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Chernoff Thompson Architects North is a diverse architectural firm in Prince George, British Columbia.

Company History

What is our backstory?

Chernoff Thompson Architects North was established in 1998 with a major commitment to Northern British Columbia. Under previous founding firms we have had a presence here for more than 50 years. The Prince George office is managed by Terry Broomsgrove, Principal Architect AIBC, who will oversee the project’s design progress. We are very familiar with designing health and wellness centres. Our tea has extensive experience in design and construction in Northern BC.

CTAN has experience in a wide range of projects including postdisaster facilities, municipal, civic, provincial & federal government health care, commercial, planning, interior design, university, as well as laboratory and research facilities.

Our blend of experience in the private and public sectors has given the firm the opportunity to benefit from lessons learned in both realms and apply this knowledge to provide innovative  creative solutions to our clients.

Chernoff Thompson Architects North

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Chernoff Thompson Architects North

Our Experience

The firm has developed around the concept of “hands on” practice by the principals. We assign senior personnel of over 20 years of experience to each project from inception to completion. Each of our senior people possess complementary skills and are committed to design and technical excellence. 

Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are an award winning local architectural practice.

Terry Broomsgrove

Principal Architect AIBC, MRAIC

Lars Lindstrom

Associate Architect AIBC, MRAIC, CPHD

Julie Sorensen

Intern Architect AIBC, MRAIC, MArch, BA.Urb

Maurice Sluka

Architectural Technologist AIBC, AScT, ASTTBC

Daniel King


Theresa Andren


Team Structure

Design Team Coordination & Management Structure

The consulting team, headed by Chernoff Thompson Architects North, undertakes to assign key personnel to the roles and responsibilities of the project. The design team consists of management, design professionals, technical personnel and production staff in order to deliver the final successful Project. These roles span multiple disciplines and professions and require a consistent and professional management structure in order to ensure the complex breadth of design information and criteria be disseminated through the appropriate channels. 

Service Area

Service Area

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  • Cariboo
  • Vancouver Island
  • Lower Mainland
  • Thompson-Nicola
  • Okanagan
  • Kootenay


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